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Tiana and Goose
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Friday, January 23, 2009

What is Grosser than a houseful of 8-year old boys?

Aaaah, the Totally Gross party. I don't think I was as appalled as I was supposed to be, but I bet the Moms of these boys were! My juvenile side definitely enjoyed this one. First, we played musical chairs. Everyone had a whoopee cushion, which they had to inflate before they started walking around the chairs. When it was time to sit, they had to sit *on* the whoopee cushions. There was entirely too much giggling, and we blew holes in 5 of them in the first two rounds. Note to self: always, always buy flatulent toys in bulk.

Then it was on to the diaper sniffing game. We had seven diapers with assorted chocolate melted inside. The boys had to inspect the diapers and try to identify the contents. My baby nephew was at the party, so we told them that one of the diapers had real poop in it. Their reaction was classic. They all dropped the diapers and ran, and it took a lot of convincing to get any of them to come back into the room. They were very intense during this game and took their jobs seriously. I have a hysterical picture of them all sniffing and making faces, but I don't have permission from some of the other kids' Moms to post it. If you have or know an 8-year old boy you've seen the faces before.

Our next game was the potty toss. I made brown and yellow beanbags, and each team had to toss six of them into a plastic potty. Then they switched. The brown beanbags were (of course) a crowd favorite and several of the boys asked to take them home. Lots of giggling during this game too.

Then we searched for body parts in a bowl of "guts." let me tell you, out of all of the things that we did, this one grossed me out the most. The noodles were cold and slippery, and the parts were sticky. :hurl:
Bugs and Dawg go head-to-head

You know you can't have a Totally Gross party without an appropriately disgusting cake. Of course Dawg had to have a kitty litter cake. My youngest two helped me make it, and both swore that they were *NOT* eating any of *THAT!* It does look rather realistic, doesn't it? Princess thought the stuffed kitty was "poofect." The boys all murmured variations of "gross" under their breath, then "awesome" much louder when I pulled one of the T*otsie Rolls off the cake and ate it. We also had pizza, jell-o brains, gummy worms and green dip with chips (served in another potty). The boys all made "trash can punch" by mixing various soda in their own trash can cups. Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures of dinner. It's probably for the best. Total carnage. Seven boys, two little girls, 4 large pizzas, no leftovers.


Lisa Julia Photography said...

The kitty litter cake is FREAKING.ME.OUT!!!
I can't get over how totally gross this all is...but wait, that was the point lol!
I said it before and i'll say it again..my hats off to you mama..i could NEVER do this lol!

Anonymous said...

Gross! I guess the Littlest Pet Shop party wasn't so bad.

FriĆ°rikssonS (and Parents) said...

This is great! Now that all we have are boys this post will be revisited for some good ideas on how to have a gross party!!!
Too funny!

The Hullingers said...

I would LOVE to come down for a Gross Party!