Our 5-Ring Circus

Our 5-Ring Circus

Scooter, Quab and Bugs

Scooter, Quab and Bugs
Serving the Princesses since 2004

Tiana and Goose

Tiana and Goose
They really need all of those big brothers...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Attention Crazies (AKA Runners)

I must admit that I have NEVER felt that mythical Runner's High that all of you talk about. Running just makes me tired and nauseous and reminds me exactly how old and abused my knees really are. I used to run, but I never did really enjoy it and now my body does not allow such foolishness. But I know a LOT of people who run, enjoy it, and do it regularly. Yeah, I do think you're all crazy but to each his own. I love you anyway. Especially if you want to run in the Sole 2 Soul Run  in Declo, Idaho on Labor Day weekend. This family was in the adoption process with us but they are one of the unfortunate families who lost a lot of money, time and tears and never were able to bring their children home. You already know that I feel strongly about adoption, and this is a wonderful way to show your support while you get some exercise. If you register, let me know! If enough of you sign up I might dust off my running shoes and join you. Well, maybe for the 50-yard dash. If you don't run, you can be a sponsor and I am sure they can use plenty of volunteers too!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Howdy, Y'all!

Our Little Cowpokes in Southern Utah

Saturday, June 12, 2010

To the Kind Gentleman at WalM@rt this afternoon

Dear Sir,
I never got a chance to thank you. While we waited in line for hours to meet Jerry Rice today, Bugs fully expected to get his chance. He brought his football jersey for an autograph. He patiently stood in line and even entertained younger kids waiting behind us (and with us). When it seemed that we might barely not make it through the line in time, Bugs offered to let the younger boy behind us go through first. As we approached the men managing the crowd, we were told that Mr. Rice would have to leave promptly at 6:00, but that we had a slim chance of getting to the table before he had to go. Most of the people in line behind us went home at that point. Bugs asked very quietly if we could stay. He still thought he was going to make it and he got more and more excited as we inched toward the front. When we were waiting behind just ONE other family, we were all told that Mr. Rice would not be meeting with any more fans and could not sign any more autographs. Some of the other people in line rushed forward to the table to try to get their footballs, jerseys, trading cards and helmets signed as Mr. Rice was leaving. Bugs ran with the little boy and helped him to the front of the barriers, but neither of them ever got their autographs. Bugs is a big kid and a tough kid, but his disappointment rolled down his cheeks in salty tears. In his young mind it was totally unfair that the "grown-ups" had pushed the kids out of the way. As I comforted him, you walked up to us and asked if you could help. Bugs explained that he had almost made it, but wasn't able to meet a "real football player,"  but that he was fine. Just that small compassionate gesture was more than enough. When you headed toward the men who were escorting Mr. Rice out of the store, we started to leave. Then you ran to us with an autographed picture of Jerry Rice, handed it to my boy and walked away with your own teen son as quickly as you had come. I know that getting an autograph from a retired NFL player is No Big Deal to most people, including myself. But to a newly-turned-11 year old who lives and breathes football, it was. You made his day, and in doing so made mine as well. I know you don't read my blog, but somebody who does might know you. There are angels everywhere, even our local discount store. You were kind to my son and an example to yours, and I pray that both of them will remember that moment and show that same kindness to another little boy someday. THANK YOU.

Friday, June 11, 2010

A House Divided

Here at the H Mansion, we find ourselves embroiled in conflict. With the start of the World Cup, our allegiance to each other has been shaken by our alliances to various international soccer teams (yes, I know it is football/futbol). With the diversity of our countries of origin, mission destinations, birthfamilies, current houseguests and cousins, twelve people are cheering for 6 different teams. You will hear us yell for America, Argentina, Brazil, England, Ghana and Uruguay. Since we also live in the city of the current MLS champion team (Go Real Salt Lake!), that adds a few more countries who lave loaned us their best. This could get UGLY. So, to keep our spirits up and unite our household in the time-honored ceremony of the shaking of the booties, we offer you the official World Cup anthem. I dare you to sit still.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hair Chronicles Part II

I do have other kids, and I do take pictures of them. But their hair pretty much looks the same every day, and I rarely "do" it for them. That includes Goose, because she has very strong opinions about how her hair should look and that is ALWAYS just down, straight, maybe with a little barrette. Very adventurous, that one.

Ayway, here is our first attempt at yarn braids. We started a week or so ago and I only braided the back. That took about 8 hours. We left the top/front in puffs at Tiana's request (and to preserve the remaining nerve endings in my hands). Yesterday we decided to finish the front. 6 more hours. There are 160+ braids! She has been waiting for school to be out so she could have pink hair. I doubt we could lose her in a crowd and I suspect that we could have her sit on the front steps at night and save some electricity by turning the porch light off. But this is the BEST hair she has EVER had!! At least she says so. We left some pieces shorter and longer on purpose and only put beads on the black braids. The colored braids are just tied at the ends. It has an a-line shape which is really cute. Next time I will probably go longer all over and use smaller parts in the back. I didn't really "get" the starting technique until the front braids, so we will probably have some repair work to do this week. But I LOVE this hair! And thank goodness it last a few weeks because both of us are worn out.