Our 5-Ring Circus

Our 5-Ring Circus

Scooter, Quab and Bugs

Scooter, Quab and Bugs
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Tiana and Goose

Tiana and Goose
They really need all of those big brothers...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Bionic Finger! AND a Science Fair Brag!

Some kids will do anything to get an early release from school! Someday when/if I recover from watching the procedure, I'll tell you all about the Bionic Finger. Bugs has a newfound respect for the big, heavy doors at his school, as of Monday. I have watched two of my other children getting stitched and stapled, and have repaired countless minor but bloody injuries at home. This one was the first to make me sick to my stomach. I can assure you that I'm not losing my touch. It was just.that.gross. Bugs now has a Bionic FInger hidden under a mountain of bandages and splints and tape. If you suck up enough, you may get a ticket to the unveiling in a few weeks.

Immediately after Bugs being tortured and bandaged, we headed to BYU for the Central Utah Science and Engineering Fair. That's a mouthful! We set up his display and took a few special guests on the Grand Tour of the fair. Bugs won Third Place for his division at the CUSEF. Unfortunately, there is no farther to go in 5th grade. But Bugs is already planning his project for next year. He wants to be the kid from the small town who goes to the National fair and wins a scholarship. Like in October Sky but without the rockets, because his Mom won't let him play with explosives.

A new lesson for the Primary manual

I remember teaching a Primary (children's Sunday School) lesson called "We are Thankful for Fish" back in my Nursery days. Well, this week's lesson is going to be "We Are Thankful For Antibiotics." We're enjoying our very own Strep Throat Epidemic here at Green Enough HQ. Bugs and I are the only ones still standing, and I don't have time to get sick. He is already on antibiotics to avoid infection in his newly repaired Bionic Finger, so he's safe. All I'm saying is, it is NOT a good thing when the triage nurse in the ER knows your name, and it is no better when the ladies at the InstaCare can identify you on sight. And we had never been to either side of this hospital before Monday! As much as we are blessed to have this lovely new medical facility within 5 minutes of home, I was perfectly happy to admire it from afar. And we have at least one more trip next week for the Bionic Finger. Sheesh!

Yesterday as I made my fourth trip to the pharmacy in three days, I told the kids how lucky they are to live in a place where we can get specialized medical care and then drive 2 or 3 miles to purchase whatever medication we need.  I learned tonight that Tiana has never seen a pulse oximeter and that she is highly amused by it. Much less amused by the NASTY medicine she now has to drink to get better. But it's such a simple and inexpensive cure. People in other places (like Ghana) die from things like infections that could have been cured by $14 of antibiotics. God Bless America! Seriously.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Need a Laugh??

I live a glamorous life, let me tell you. This post on my friend Shelley's blog sums it up nicely. I have not laughed so hard in a VERY long time. I'm not sure if I was laughing because it was funny, or because I felt so pitiful admitting how many of these things I have done. Most of them today, actually. Anyway, if you have a sense of humor, go and read about the Mother of the Year Awards.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Help Me Help Haiti (please!)

I am working with a local group called Mothers For Haiti. We are having a big fundraiser/carnival on Saturday, April 10th for the Foyer De Sion orphanange in Haiti. We will have a craft boutique, BAKE SALE, concessions, yard sale, kids' area and a silent auction. I am Queen of the Bake Sale. Have you ever seen me bake anything? I didn't think so. But I know lots of you DO bake, and you do it well. If you would like to make a donation of baked goods (any type, but fancy/pretty/unique sells better) just let me know. You do not have to package anything yourself, unless you want to. Just drop your treats off at my house. We could use some whole cakes and pies, too! If you want to make something non-sweet, that is great. Landon is making some of his dog treats, for example. If you make something fabulous that freezes well, you can bring them by anytime before the fundraiser. If you want to make it fresh, please have everything to me by Friday morning (the 9th). If you want to make a contribution to any other area, that would be wonderful and I can pass it along to the right people. There is still a great need for formula, cloth diapers, rice, beans and other basics too. We will have a collection area at the park. Bring your families and have a bunch of fun for a good cause! There is going to be some AWESOME merchandise in the boutique, and we will have someone there with the "bling highlights" too! Call, email, find me on Facebook and let me know what you're bringing to me. THANKS!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Proud Mama!

A few weeks ago, Bugs did a very awesome Science Fair project for school. He makes his Science Geek mom proud! He was one of the school finalists who got to advance to the District Science fair. It was looooooooong, if you ask him, but he did get to make a SuperBall and watch a magic show and hang out with his Dad for the day. Bugs has been invited to continue to the next level, the Central Utah Science and Engineering Fair. (applause here) The best part, in Bugs' mind, is that it will happen at BYU. Forget the medal he won, he came home from the district beaming about spending the day at his future alma mater. Sorry, some of you will have to get over it. You know Bugs is True Blue. Blame it on J. If any of you would like to come see our Mad Scientist in action, CUSEF is open to the public on March 22 from 6-8pm at the BYU Conference Center.
You can also vote in the comments on whether or not Bugs should wear "boring nerdy clothes" for judging. We disagree, with the loudest protest coming from the one who faces having to wear a tie. Again. Like every.other.stinking.day.at.school. If you roll your eyes and/or sigh while you read that, you will get the full effect.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Eviction Notice (and somebody bring me a Coke)

Dear small brown mouse. You are welcome to visit my garage anytime that I am not aware of your presence, but standing there squeaking at me when I try to go to the fridge for a Coke is not kosher. That, my little furry friend, crosses the line. Even though my daughter thinks you are (aaaaw, SO) cute, you are still not welcome. Somehow, every winter, word gets out that I am the sucker who won't set traps and you party like a rock star until Spring. I miss the days when we had a cat who could put your in your place. I hear you have invited yourself into other homes on my street and tried to take advantage of the less tolerant/more brave residents. How did that work out for ya? You had a good thing going here, dude. Our arrangement has worked fine until today when you had to get an attitude and impede my caffeine consumption, which was sorely needed. It is no longer cold outside. There is nothing to eat in the garage. Consider yourself served. GET OUT!

P.S. You better hope I don't ever catch you, because I will give you to the aforementioned daughter and you will spend the rest of your life in a tutu and tiara. That is a promise. You are lucky that my broom handle broke this afternoon or you would already be starring in a 5 year old's version of the Nutcracker!