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Our 5-Ring Circus

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Tiana and Goose
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

No News is Good News?

I really can't believe it has been a whole week since I posted our last non-update. Well, if no news is good news, then we must have GREAT news. Still waiting (im)patiently. How do you spell out a long, loud scream? Phonetically? I'm not a model of productivity or serenity right now. More like a big pile of whiny frustration with a side of attitude. Just keepin' it real.

J and I are headed to the travel clinic in the morning to get our vaccinations. I'm hoping that Heavenly Father will see that as an act of faith on our part, since he knows how I feel about shots, and he'll give our case a little push in Ghana. Maybe I'll get the shots twice! The kids were worried today that I would be scared, and Elena offered her special "Ni-Nite" to me so I wouldn't cry. Which made me cry. So I'm kind of a mess this week but I know it will pass. It's just the one-foot-in-front-of-the-other that is so hard sometimes.

For those who pray, please keep my friend B in your hearts. She and her husband J are about to bring their little girl home from Ghana, and they really need some peace and the warmth of our Savior's love to surround them. Thanks!


Steve and Narda said...

I'm sorry this is taking so long!!! I saw your comment on the LH group today. I didn't realize you filed the I600A that long ago. That really sucks!!!! (No better way to say it like it is.)

I would tell you to call them, but I know how it is...you don't dare bother anyone in fear that they may intentionally hold you up even further. Scary that 1 or 2 people can have so much power over a situation.

We are thinking of you and hope that you hear back VERY soon.

FullPlateMom said...

Thanks for thinking of us at a time when this is SO hard for you all. We're praying that the same time we hear about our I600, you hear about your I600A. It's got to be soon, right?!? RIGHT?!?

Until then, we'll hang in there together. Or, you can head up by Shannon and I, we have a world class asylum up here in our neck of the woods. We could all share a room.


Shannon Watson said...

You betcha!!! Dane County's finest!! :p (Oh, wait, I think it was actually torn down or something...y'all could just come to my house because it FEELS like an insane asylum half of the time! ;) )

HANG in there. Lois was saying that every adoption has its big trial...and maybe this is yours. *HUGS*

Anonymous said...

So wait the whiny attitude is not normal?
Things happen for a reason, or so I am told. Just take Charlotte's advice:
Chin up, chin up
Everybody loves a happy face
Wear it, share it
It’ll brighten up the darkest place
Twinkle, sparkle
Let a little sunshine in
You’ll be on the right side
Looking at the bright side
Up with your chinny chin chin…

And let me know how that works for you!

Lois said...

Can't be twinkle sparkle all the time :) Whine away, it's hard stuff. You have plenty of good company that's for sure! News coming soon......... This is what you get for choosing a queen, extra persmission needed.

Tim said...

Heather, I hope and pray that this works out wonderfully for your Family. Please give Landon a big Birthday hug from me!