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Our 5-Ring Circus

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Scooter, Quab and Bugs
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Tiana and Goose
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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Everything I Needed To Know About Life, I Learned In Primary

Meet the new girl and smile.
Hold hands with the new girl.
Sit beside your friends.
Introduce the new girl to your friends.
Giggle a lot with the new girl and your old friends.
Invite your little sister and the new girl's little sister to sit with the "big girls" too.
Sing as loudly as you can and smile as big as you can.
Hug the new girl when she is afraid to go to the front for the "Hello" song.
Hold hands with the new girl as you walk to the front together.
Hug the new girl again.
Share your fruit snacks.
Giggle some more.
Wink at the new girl's Mom.

One of the highlights of this whole week was my sweet little towheaded friend sitting beside my sweet little African daughter in Primary (children's class at church). These two could not be more different in looks. Both so tiny compared to the others in their class, but both mighty in spirit. They met once for an hour this week and are now, according to both, Best Friends. Miss P, you are my hero, and my daughter's hero. Your heart is golden and your inside is as lovely as your outside. Thank you for welcoming our Little Sister and making sure your friends are her friends too. Your Mom and Dad must be so proud of you.

If any of you are sitting there thinking "I would love to adopt, but will she be accepted? Will the neighbors notice her skin is dark and her accent is thick? Will she make friends, or will the kids be afraid of her?" you should come spend a day here. Do I think my daughter will never hear an unkind word or be treated unfairly simply because she looks different? No, I am not naive. But this last week has been 7 whole days of pure Christlike love toward our family and especially our new daughter. I could share a story from every day and have a bookful to spare. Sometimes we have to listen to the still, small voice that tells us to stay put when that bigger, nicer house tempts us. We have to ignore the faults we see in our physical surroundings and appreciate the people we have been blessed to associate with. So many times over the past few years we have thought of moving, and each time we just knew that we should stay. Maybe it was all for this. For the children who have been raised by such goodly and Godly parents to show us how we should be. And where we should be.


Anonymous said...

ok a couple of things. 1st i have enough to cry about and don't need to read a post like this. 2nd you should be a writer! 3rd you are NOT ALLOWED to move EVER!!!!!!!!! 4th S, E, and E are totally adorable playing in D.'s little makeshift house on my driveway. I'm glad E is happy.

Lois said...

It was so good to see your family on Sat. together. ALL of you. Seemed surreal to have Princess here!