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Our 5-Ring Circus

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Tiana and Goose
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Sunday, April 25, 2010

What we love about Ghana

My friend, FPM, just asked us to share what we love about Ghana on her blog. Most of you probably read there too, but just in case, I wanted to share it here. These are some of the things we love about Ghana.

I just asked J, and he said "I loved that 17 kids we had never met before made us feel like we were having two weeks of Family Home Evening." There was one giggly little girl in particular who kept sneaking behind me to tickle me, then running away before I could catch her to return it. You (FPM) might know her. He also loved the laughter over his trying to do laundry Ghana-style and the girls who took it away from him, while making it very clear how silly he was to even try.

What do I love? I love so much about Ghana. First and best, the people. Going to church in Buduburam was an experience I'll never forget. It was like the spirit there was so pure, and the people sang out loud and without reservation (or music). I wished that I could bring a little bit of that feeling to my home ward. Everyone we met treated us like family. Even the people at the Big Gray Building tried to give their news as gently as possible, and to help us however they could. At the time I hated them, but my eyes had not been opened to what they already knew.

I love the food in Ghana. Yes, even Banku. Even trying to eat rice right-handed with no utensils (oh, the kids laughed so hard). I love the spices, the smell of the charcoal. I've been trying to duplicate the spaghetti from the XXX since we came home. And the glorious, cold Coke in the glass bottles.

I love the bright colors everywhere and the paintings on the walls of the schools and businesses. I love the fabric waving in the wind on the sides of the road. Oh, and who could not love the messages on the back of the tro-tros and cabs?

I love Kakum. It was a little bit of paradise in the middle of our very stressful trip. And it is beautiful. The birds woke us in the morning and we ate breakfast two feet away from the biggest crocodile I've ever seen.

I love the temple complex in Accra. There I felt like the Lord knew me and would help me bring my daughter home. I first saw the painting of Christ and the little girl inside the offices there. And Efia told us that it was her in the painting, which she was able to share with the artist here in Utah. He got tears in his eyes and told her it most certainly was.

Our daughter's birth family is still in Ghana. They gave her a strong foundation of love, and taught her that she was a treasure. She knows how to be loved and how to love us. We thank God for them daily. Whatever circumstances brought her to Luckyhill, they wanted her to have everything in life and knew that we would give it to her. They still love her and she still loves them. Whatever happened to her while she waited for us to bring her home, it was not enough to take away the love that she was given for her the first 6 years of her life. And for this reason we know that she is going to be okay.

There is so much more. I would go back to Ghana tomorrow, if I could. Not to Luckyhill, like FPM I will never willingly step inside those walls again. But I want to see the Ghana that I missed while my eyes were clouded with other things. And like FPM, I still have friends there who I would like to see again.

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