Our 5-Ring Circus

Our 5-Ring Circus

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Scooter, Quab and Bugs
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Tiana and Goose
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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tile, Tonsils and Tresses

It has been almost a month since I last posted! That ought to be a good indicator of how exciting life has been lately. But in the past couple of weeks we have had a little bit of excitement in Three Ts.

Tile: We had relatives staying with us while they were moving, and were blessed by their Mad Skillzz in the flooring category. In fact, some of those skillzz were taught to all members of our family. The younger boys specialized in the demolition side of things. Bugs thinks he could have a future in tile, and he really enjoyed helping his uncle. He's a capable and hard working kid with infinite patience. He, unlike his mom, isn't afraid of the tile saw. I learned that "mocha" grout is my archnemesis, but triumphed over the vile beast. Our kitchen is sporting a new and, may I say, fabulous look. It was adventurous to tackle the kitchen with 12 people living here, 8 of whom were kids, but everyone pitched in and we do good work! Of course, the professional did most of it but we learned a lot and gained new confidence. Bugs says we are doing the entryway next, before football starts. Yes, SIR!

Tonsils: Scooter is walking a little bit lighter lately. He parted with his tonsils and adenoids last Friday. For those who know him well, imagine my reaction to the doctor instructing us to "keep him quiet and resting for a couple of weeks." BAHAHAHA! Dude was up and running hours after surgery and has not stopped yet. He did try to give his mom a heart attack by waking up from surgery without the ability to breathe, but that wasn't a big deal to anyone but ME. I swear, they ought to offer the parents Versed in pre-op instead of the kids. Scooter refuses the pain medication unless I force it and he tries hard to convince us that he's 100% healed already. He is SUPER bored and annoyed with me for enforcing his quarantine. We're praying that his recovery continues to go well, and that he will be free from the illnesses and issues that have been plaguing him all year. For what it's worth, peach juice makes an awesome slushie, and apple juice is "lame," according to the patient.

Tresses: Tiana has loved her sassy summer hair, (so has everyone else) but the time has come to redo her yarn braids. This first set lasted about a month and a half and still looks decent, but some have slipped and others are looking "fuzzy," so it's time to say goodbye. I cut the yarn braids off just below the length of her natural hair, which left her with the cutest style! She wanted to leave it as-is but they are already coming undone and her hair is ready for some intense therapy. When we do Tiana's hair again just before school starts, we may try the braids without yarn, just to see what her own hair looks like. It has grown like crazy since Tiana came home, but has never been long enough to do much with. I think she is adorable with the short braids, so I hope she still wants to give it a try on a couple of months. But first we need some fancy Princess hair for our upcoming family reunion. She is meeting cousins for the first time and she wants her hair to be "pretty like Goose." If she only believed us when we tell her how beautiful she is EVERY day.

So, that's the excitement lately. It's staggering, isn't it? We really do live a wild life here in Mayberry.

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steffany said...

I can see the tile demolition now!

Don't you just love kids?! If I had a tonsillectomy and my adenoids removed...I would claim a "give me pain pills or bring me death" for at least a week!
my m
I had to laugh at your daughter wanting hair like her sister...in our house..it is the other way around.
Xia tells me, "mom, when you and my sisters have beautiful hair like me and my mochaness..then I will share my secrets:)